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Derek Moore • Cell - 618-599-2885 • Email
491 cr 3000 east • Ellery, IL 62833

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106-93 Catalyst x Big Stick
Bred By: WD Swine Farm
93-8 Turned On x Cookie Monster (Super 8)
Bred By: Moore Showpigs
102-7 Pivot Point x 106-93 Catalyst
Bred By: Moore Showpigs
5-2 Can't Wait x Get In
Bred By: Moore Showpigs
3-1 Can't Wait x Tadpole
Dam of Grand and Reserve Grand Spot Gilts 2015 Illinois State Fair Jr. Show
Littermate to Trophy Case at A Cut Above Sires
Bred By: Moore Showpigs

Lamborghini Mercy x Freight Train
Littermate to Trophy Case at A Cut Above Sires

Bone Thug x Triple X x Graycie
Bred By: WinMor Farms
Rockstar "J-Lo's Sister"
(Catalyst x Toxic 28-3)
$6,250 Bred Sow Purchase
No Fare x Toxic
Dam of $10,000 Cross Gilt Sold in the back of the barn at the 2014 IL State Fair Jr. Show

White Legs
(Power 2 Change x Super Monster)
Dam is Monster Pipes Sister

(My Monkey x 63-6 Toxic)
Dam is our $5,500 Heimer Bred Sow Purchase
2012 Beyers Hog College Gilt
7-3 Warfare x Alias 106
86-3 Warfare x I-Hop

2-6 Rampage x 1-1 Piranha
Champion Spot Gilt
2011 ICPA Circuit
A no-sale in our online auction.

86-1 Crossbred
Smokeshow x Big Pappy
(86-1's dam was pure York and littermate to the dam of the $2700 gilt at the 2010 STC in Louisville )
Deceased 1-21-13
Due to a fire this true foundation sow is no longer with us, but she has left us with a long list of winners and a backbone of sows that will be around for a very long time.

Recovery x A-Marek-N-Made
Bred by Jayme Sieren
Bred to Cookie Monster at Kilmers for 1-6-11
This litter should posess some great ones.


1-1 gilt
PSSS Piranha x Premium Blend

Littermate to 1-6 and 1-8 gilts that were Res Champion spot gilt on the 2010 ICPA Circuit

63-6 Crossbred Gilt
Toxic x UB The Judge x TNT x JLM 7-2

This is our 2010 bred gilt purchase from Jesse Heimer. The Grandmother of this gilt was the Heimers foundation TNT x JLM 7-2 sow purchased from Cobbs and was Champion at the '07 Crossbred Classic. This gilt is opened up at every angle, stout boned and heavy muscled, we look for her My Monkey litter to have some great ones.

Premium Blend x One Giant Step

Champion Spot gilt at the 2009 IN State Fair. This is the first Spot to ever come to the Moore farm and will be a great foundation female. Her first litter was the 1 litter spots on our winners page.

PSSS Piranha x Premium Blend
This gilt is one of my favorites. She is massive, powerful and heavy muscled, not only that but she is stress negative and out of our foundation spot sow.
• Reserve Grand Spot Gilt Day 1 Southern IL Classic
• Grand Spot Gilt Day 2 Southern IL Classic
• Grand Spot Gilt and 3rd Overall Breeds Gilts - Kent Feeds 500
• Reserve Grand - Jacksonville Jackpot (behind her sister 1-6)
• Res. Champion Spot Gilt Overall - 2010 ICPA Jackpot Circuit

(Gossip x Transformer)
Stress: Negative

Bred by Jarret Mays and Derr Farms
Just Recently swept the Illinois State Fair Jr. Spot Gilt Show, having Champion Spot Gilt, Reserve Champion Spot Gilt, and Champion Bred and Owned Spot Gilt! And he was only bred to a few sows. This guy will give them show ring presence like no other, he will make spotted hogs more sound and mobile, while fixing the dreaded spot pastern! They will be square and shapely as babies and easy to sell, and these hogs flat feed. Take Chatter to bigger bodied bigger ribbed sows that have enough bone and DO NOT LOOK BACK!

Semen - $150/dose

Mercy Me
No Mercy x My Monkey x Toxic
Stress Negative
Bred by Moore Showpigs, IL
Futuristic Design & Look!
Incredible Natural Muscle Shape!
Great Extension thru Front 1/3!
Square built and Flexible!

Semen - $150/dose
Contact Showtime Sires for Semen 8157366097

(Creature x Super Monster )
$20,000 2/3 interest purchase from Steve and Aaron Coob
Perhaps the most unique crossbred boar to come out of Cobb's in years, combines the popular Creature and Super Monster lines!! Limited number of Contracts available ONLY!!
Book quickly he will book up fast.
Contact Derek Moore or Stephen Gentry for more details. Derek Moore 618-599-2885
Stephen Gentry 765-894-7757

(County Fare x Pump It Up)
Semen: $100 per dose and $50 overrun
Bred By: Mike Fischer, TX
Owned With: Behrmann Hog Farm and Bill Range
We would like to thank Mike Fischer for letting us bring this unique young Warfare grandson to Illinois, we think this guy is way good. You dont often find a boar with this much bone muscle and width and still hold it together in a sound fuctional package. Warcraft had two littermate barrows that Dillion Evans purchased from Mike Fischer that had a great amount of success at the Kansas State Fair winning their classes and the one barrow being Reserve Middle Wt. behind the Grand Overall. Needless to say we are going to use this boar hard, we expect him to sire champion barrows at all levels of competition, semen will be limited due to our own use. Thanks for your interest.