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Derek Moore
RR 1 Box 109 • Ellery, IL 62833
Derek Cell - 618-599-2885

Derek Moore • Cell - 618-599-2885 • Email
RR 1 Box 109 • Ellery, IL 62833

Committed x Headliner
Service Sire: About Time at Showtime Sires Due 1/17/13 Bred by Rodibaugh
We sold a litter mate at Fischer Showpigs in TX that will serve as a foundation female for him. 1-6 is an absolute beast shes been in our keeper pen since she was little.

1-8 Ogle
Indestructible x Headliner AI'ed to
Service Sire: Groundwork at Crossroads Genetics
Due 12/23/12 Bred by Ogle

W.O.W. x Headliner
Service Sire: Warcraft here at Moore Showpigs
Due: 1/5/13 Bred by Rodibaugh